Thank You Mr. President

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Today our new president was sworn into office and while I can go on and on why he should not be our new president, this post is dedicated to Barack and Michelle Obama. Our 44th President and First Lady of the United States. The first time I got to vote back in 2012 was for the re-election of Obama. I was so very damn proud to be casting that ballot and have been ever since; I will ALWAYS be proud of that vote. The Obama Administration was one that I learned from, they made me want to get involved, made me aware of what was going on in the world, and it has even made me re-think my career choices and really figure out what I want to do with my life. I will always remember how the First Family and all of the Obama Administration made the White House a home to everybody. Not just the rich and elite, but We the People of the United States. With the Obama administration came many social changes and changes our country  desperately needed. Mr. President, thank you. Michelle Obama, thank you. Thank you for leading our country with the upmost respect and class. I will always call you my President and my First Lady.



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